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An Inconvenient Match

Officious. Difficult. Rich.

…Is the discourteous manner in which the Earl of Ashland would describe his new wife. In dire financial straits, Ash has sacrificed himself at the altar in order to salvage his lofty family name, grudgingly uniting himself to the wealthy tradeswoman with steel in her spine and ice in her veins. He can’t imagine he’ll ever find anything to admire about her, until a glimpse of the simmering heat beneath her cool façade arouses an undeniable attraction.

Indolent. Irresponsible. Drunk.

…Is precisely how Honora Botham would label her new husband. Marrying the handsome earl elevated her to a long-coveted status, allowing her to achieve her beloved grandmother’s dreams for the family’s ascent into the nobility. Eager to finally experience the sensual pleasures of marriage, Honora enters into her marriage willingly. But while she’s always admired Ashland’s looks, she can find little to approve of in his indulgent avoidance of responsibility.

His indolence and her ambition make for a volatile union, and yet… Mutual desire grows stronger, but is it enough to overcome the discord between them?

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